Have you ever given deep thought to what you want from your career, and then mapped a plan on how to get there? As an agent to Financial IT & Quantitative professionals, I always tried to have my candidates think about where they are and where they want to go in the short and long term. I’d have them describe what they wanted, and then explain that it would take multiple steps before they’d get to the ideal position.

Career evaluation is not easy, but can be very effective. Taking a hard look at where you are and where you want to be can invigorate you, push you and motivate you to reach new career highs. How often do you wonder if there is any other position out there that may advance your career? And, how do you propose you find it? In the not too distant past there have been big hurdles in finding a new position, including mismatched jobs, miscommunications, recruiter interference, mismatched group culture, and multiple and lengthy interviews. Because of this, many people who experienced the hiring markets came away with a negative experience. There are many new “smart” platforms out there to help you find a job, but which one will help you build a sustaining career?

Let me introduce you to TalentAlgo, the new platform that was created specifically for improving the search process for both the candidate and the hiring manager. We are industry insiders who have spent the better part of 30 years involved in the IT & Quantitative hiring markets either as candidates, hiring managers, or as a third-party IT & Quant recruiter. We’ve been in your shoes, wondering whether there could be something better for us in the building next door, down the block or across town. We know the frustrations of a lengthy search and interview process, and knew there had to be a better way to improve the hiring process.

TalentAlgo’s main goal is to match candidates on a deeper level to hiring requirements which present a good step in the candidate’s career. The best hires come from matching the hiring group’s culture and the new employee’s personality traits, while aligning the candidate’s experience, skill and knowledge to the hiring requirements. How do we do it? We ask that candidates take a 20-minute workplace personality assessment, answer some professional and insightful questions, and enter their career preference. Our proprietary algorithm will match candidates to the ideal opportunity and alert hiring managers on their candidate analysis dashboard. We have addressed many of the problems with the hiring markets by allowing both active and passive candidates to confidentially make themselves available, removing the middleman from the process, and allowing managers and candidates to have direct communications with each other through our secure messaging portal.

Candidates will now have control over their profile and candidacy, while TalentAlgo allows hiring managers to reach out to those candidates they choose. Candidates will know when positions come up that match their experience, background, preferences and personality. They can stop wondering if there is something out there for them, stop relying on recruiters, job boards or corporate portals and decide for themselves if the opportunity is right for them. We believe the best way to improve the hiring markets is to support hiring managers with the right opportunities to reach out to a candidate of their choice, while simultaneously giving candidates the option to build upon their careers at the same time.