In our ever-developing technological society, its no wonder that the Human Resources industry is one of the latest to benefit from updated technological solutions. One of the main sectors of HR that has been positively impacted by technology is Recruiting.

The Evolution of HR Recruitment Technology

Before we had the technology we do now, recruiting was done through newspaper ads, letters, word of mouth, phone calls and/or in person. The process was much longer, and it was harder for companies to be sure they were hiring the absolute best candidate.

As technology has advanced, the introduction of email, texting, video chat and social media have helped to speed up the recruitment process. It is now easier for both job searchers and recruiters to find jobs or candidates suitable to them through online job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed. Its also much easier for both parties to reach out and ask questions or do remote interviews with the array of communication options we now have. However, these are only the most basic technological updates that have helped enhance companies recruiting capabilities.

Why Companies Need HR Recruitment Technology

While the above advancements in technology have certainly helped ease the recruitment process, they are not enough to make sure your companys recruiting capabilities are top-notch. For companies to be sure they are hiring top talent, they should consider investing in HR tech if they have not already.

Society for Human Resource Management notes that the key to capturing the attention of today's best candidates is personalization and consumer-quality experiences. Aon 's 2017 Insights show that the main issues organizations are trying to solve through HR tech include lack of consolidated data, capability of current HR Team, and ability to link analytics to business outcomes. Specialized algorithms ensure precision, and allow hiring managers to use more data and find far better employee matches than traditional recruiting practiced could provide.

Investing in HR tech will also help your company save money. According to Glassdoor , it costs most employers about $4,000 dollars and takes 24 days to hire an employee. Factors such as job sourcing, background checks, pre-hire assessments, recruitment process outsourcing, job boards and marketing all add up. Investing in HR recruitment technology that is capable of handling some of these factors lends to a decreased cost per hire.

HR tech can save your company time and money, which definitely makes it worth investing in!