A few years ago, our team of financial services veterans and a seasoned IT recruiter were frustrated by a flawed hiring and recruiting system that has been in place for decades. We saw an opportunity for a new, efficient and precise method that empowers both job seekers and hiring managers in the hiring process. This is where TalentAlgo was born.

As technology has advanced, traditional job sites have promoted more of a “machine learning” approach. They make promises of finding a job seeker the right opportunities that are relevant to your experience. While finding a job board that displays relevant positions to your experience is easy to find, are they really showing you the right opportunities? What most of these sites really offer is an aggregation of open job listings. Applicants are often redirected to the hiring company’s in-house job board to fill out an application and submit it into the digital void. On top of that job sites and recruiters will flood your inbox with daily listings, containing opportunities that may or may not be the right fit for you. This is why we wanted to shake things up.

Our platform takes both a data-driven and holistic personal approach to accurately match job seekers to the right hiring opportunities. With a TalentAlgo profile, our proprietary algorithm will match you to the hiring requirements of open job opportunities with precision. In addition, our method takes the work off of job seekers. Candidates are able to build a confidential profile which includes your work experience, skills proficiency, educational background and your workplace style and preferences. Once a profile is complete, our algorithm does the rest!

We are empowering job seekers by giving you complete control of your profile:

1. TalentAlgo cuts out the middlemen, in effect allowing candidates to speak to hiring managers directly through their profile, to tell their story in their own voice, which reduces misinterpretations and mismatched interviews.

2. Job seekers control when and if they want to release or withhold their full identity during the early phases of the conversation with an inquiring manager. No longer do you need to worry that your current boss will no you’re looking!

3. The job seeker and hiring manager communicate directly through our message center. Potential job candidates have the option to engage with a manager on their requirements, ask questions and then either accept or decline the opportunity to interview if it is not the right position or group for them.

Hiring managers and candidates are already finding that TalentAlgo saves them time, money and energy during their search for the optimal position or ideal employee. We are delivering more information to hiring managers on each candidate than they would receive from any other recruiting method used today. We believe our platform takes recruiting and job seeking into a new era and we’re excited to continue to share our journey!